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Our Projects

Support for carers

During the last few weeks EQuIP and the Equality Network have identified a number of issues relating to informal carers who are caring for older and more vulnerable people.

In response we have developed a number of useful tools to help and support carers through this difficult time.

  • A letter for anyone being cared for or caring explaining the need for a Contingency Plan 
  • A letter for supermarkets to explain the need for extra purchases to support a vulnerable person, or enable access at the restricted 'vulnerable shopper only' times 
  • A Contingency Plan if you are caring for someone and have to make alternative arrangements in a hurry. It includes useful reminders so that if you have to self isolate or develop symptoms then a plan is in place to ensure minimum disruption. 
  • Download a copy here:  If you need help and support completing it, then either email us on or ring us on 07377 431997. 

Our other Updates

Other Updates

EQuIP have been involved in a wide range of projects across Warwickshire. Take a look at some of our other campaigns, actions and events.

Information has been produced on the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination, for all women of childbearing age, those currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

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The Government have produced information on what happens after your first vaccination, a reminder to go for the second injection and what to do if any side effects.

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