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Our Projects

Support for carers

During the last few weeks EQuIP and the Equality Network have identified a number of issues relating to informal carers who are caring for older and more vulnerable people.

In response we have developed a number of useful tools to help and support carers through this difficult time.

  • A letter for anyone being cared for or caring explaining the need for a Contingency Plan 
  • A letter for supermarkets to explain the need for extra purchases to support a vulnerable person, or enable access at the restricted 'vulnerable shopper only' times 
  • A Contingency Plan if you are caring for someone and have to make alternative arrangements in a hurry. It includes useful reminders so that if you have to self isolate or develop symptoms then a plan is in place to ensure minimum disruption. 
  • Download a copy here:  If you need help and support completing it, then either email us on or ring us on 07377 431997. 

Our other Updates

Other Updates

EQuIP have been involved in a wide range of projects across Warwickshire. Take a look at some of our other campaigns, actions and events.

In the last few months, we have not only had to deal with coronavirus but we have also felt the impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement which has highlighted deep rooted inequalities with society.

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The new NHS Covid-19 App was launched on 24 September. It uses your Smartphone to help trace where cases of Covid-19 have been found, whether your postcode is in a low or higher risk area and how to get tested. Handy guides in different languages are also available 

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