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EQuIP contributes to Consultation on updating Hate Crime legislation

EQuIP recently responded to the Law Commission’s consultation on hate crime as part of its remit to reform current hate legislation.  EQuIP is pressing for a number of changes including: 

A single Hate Crime Act 

A new independent Hate Crime Commissioner 

Definition of race in hate crime laws to include 'migration' and 'asylum status' and/or 'language' 

The definition of transgender status to be widened to include trans, non-binary, cross dresser and intersex 

A new protected characteristic of Misogyny to be included (hatred for women) 

Gender and sex to be included 

Widen Football (Offences) Act 1991 to include protection against not just racist but also homophobic hate

More details are in the full article here:

Our other Projects

Other Projects

EQuIP have been involved in a wide range of projects across Warwickshire. Take a look at some of our other campaigns, actions and events.

One of EQuIP's clients has shared her experience of a hate crime in Warwickshire. She is anonymous as the consequences of the action against her, lives with her and her family. It affects her choices of how to live her life everyday. It shouldn't have to be this way. The clip may be upsetting. 

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Rose Taylor approached EQuIP at Warwickshire Pride’s summer gathering in 2018. Our Client is a former employee of Jaguar Land Rover and they had worked for the company for 20 years as an engineer. In 2017 they began identifying as gender fluid.

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