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EQuIP in the Community

Diversity makes our community stronger, and in Warwickshire EQuIP works alongside a huge number of different groups to improve our connections, understanding and cohesion.


Our Warwickshire Community

Warwickshire is a county full of diversity. At EQuIP our aim is to ensure that every part of our community is represented, confident, proud and is fully included into our society.


Community Engagement & Promoting Integration

EQuIP’s main focus is connecting and communicating with the groups and individuals we serve.

Understanding the concerns of these groups is the cornerstone of our organisation, so we regularly consult and engage with different groups and people in the county to find out what is important to them. We hold one-to-one discussions, group meetings, surveys, workshops, conferences and social events to find out what people need to lead safe and happy lives.


Improving our understanding

We use this information to challenge, campaign and lobby other service providers, such as local government, businesses, law enforcement and social organisations to improve access and delivery of services.

EQuIP works EQuIP works with other like minded organisations to create a network of support across Warwickshire, where you can access help, advice and information.


Equality Network

EQuIP promotes diversity through our Equality Network, a partnership of groups and agencies with particular equality interests, focusing mainly on the following issues:

Health & Wellbeing
  • Adult Social Care
  • Health inequalities
  • Mental health
  • Dementia
  • Safeguarding
Safe communities
  • Prevent
  • Hate Crime
  • Criminal Justice
  • Violence Against Women and Girls
Financial inclusion
  • Fuel poverty
  • Foodbanks
  • Welfare rights

The Equality Network meets three times a year to talk about projects, share information and to present feedback from members. This information is then passed on to our strategic partners, enabling them to ensure they are promoting equality and diversity, and directing services appropriately for everyone.

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