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Our Projects

Healthy Minds for all Warks of Life

April 2022

EQuIP is running a new project, Healthy Minds for All Warks of Life. We are currently engaging with a selected range of diverse community groups, asking for their feedback on mental health, issues, fears and concerns regarding mental health and emotional wellbeing, and any identifying any barriers.   We are also developing a toolkit of existing support services and can help to develop projects or initiatives to support individual groups. We would like to ask you and your members to respond to a survey to capture the following:

  • Information relating to the issues, fears and concerns you or your members have regarding mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Any barriers you or your members may have accessing existing services.

We will then work with your organisation to develop a project or initiative that you can deliver to your group, based on information from you. This small activity will be funded by EQuIP.

The deadline for this survey is Tuesday 3rd May at 5pm

Click the image above If you would like to participate in the survey. If you would like to hear more then please contact Dana Stewart


Our other Projects

Other Projects

EQuIP have been involved in a wide range of projects across Warwickshire. Take a look at some of our other campaigns, actions and events.

The Police Race Action Plan sets out the changes the Police intend to make to improve outcomes for Black people working in or interacting with policing across the UK. We are keen to ensure that people in Warwickshire have opportunity to provide feedback on the national plan.

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We at EQuIP would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported this project and attended the event.

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