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Warwickshire Hate Crime Charter

EQuIP has an innovative Hate Crime Charter that was developed to support businesses across Warwickshire to identify and report hate related crime/incidents.

This new innovative project was first of its kind in the West Midlands and was been developed in response to the volumes of hate related crimes that are occurring in Warwickshire. 

To date 84 businesses across Warwickshire are participating and benefiting from the Hate Crime Charter, staff are receiving hate crime awareness training and branded resources are on display in all five districts and boroughs in Warwickshire.

Businesses that took part in the first phase were mainly food outlets and supermarkets in various hotspot locations that are deemed most vulnerable to hate crimes/incidents.

These hotspots are based on official police statistics and other intelligence which suggested certain areas are at risk of hate crime. These often included business located on the high street, areas that had a high footfall of people visiting businesses open late at night.

The Warwickshire Annual Hate Crime Report  highlighted food outlets as the most vulnerable environments for hate crime in Warwickshire. 

The second phase of the project is focusing on public transport. All major bus and taxi companies operating in Warwickshire are being offered the opportunity to benefit from the Charter so keep a look out for #NoHateHere logo 

EQuIP is also contacting organisations that manage the various train stations in Warwickshire. 

The Hate Crime Charter is based on four key principles:

Champion a no hate crime policy within the organisation

Display the branded resources which sends out a clear message to perpetrators, customers and wider community

Train staff and volunteers working in the business sector to develop their awareness of hate crime/incidents with the view of identifying and reporting incidents.

Report all hate related crimes through the various reporting mechanisms available which include the website, telephone or email.

The Hate Crime Charter project is fully supported by Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire County Council. 

Any local businesses that are interested in participating in the Hate Crime Charter, please contact EQUIP via: or telephone 0330 135 6606  to seek further information.



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