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Youth peer to peer project - SUPEER

The SUPEER project came to an end in November with a final conference hosted by our partners in Berlin IBERIKA on 26 November 2021.

Sadly due to Covid-19 restrictions, the conference had to be held online but we had a good turnout and engaged with 29 participants from across 6 countries.

Participants included educators, trainers and young people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. Content included the SUPEER project, what has been done and developed in the last 34 months and presenting the SUPEER Learning APP, a webapp containing all the developed products and other training and interactive materials, all aimed at building intercultural learning programmes among young people from different cultural backgrounds, through the peer-to-peer approach. 

During the conference, we also listened to the direct testimonies of two young people who took part in the SUPEER programme in Denmark, presenting their experiences and what they learned from them, and how they feel after participating in such a programme. 

This final conference was the final step of a long and fantastic journey undertaken by the 6 project partners over the last 34 months. 

A specially written video also demonstrated the work of the project, the steps taken, the products developed and the experiences lived.

To learn more and to see the products developed within the SUPEER project please follow these links:

Visit the SUPEER website:

Visit the SUPEER Learning APP

Four booklets have been published to explain the project and the material developed and is now available on the SUPEER website: 

  • Booklet 1 Peer Learning in Youth Work and Integration
  • Booklet 2 Empowerment in Peer Learning and Integration
  • Booklet 3 Social Capital in Peer Learning and Integration
  • Booklet 4 Citizenship in Peer Learning and Integration

This project has been hugely enjoyable and interesting. We have been able to engage with colleagues from 6 organisations in 6 countries including Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and EQuIP from the UK. 

  • Clavis                           Denmark
  • CESIE                           Italy
  • Mad for Europe       Spain
  • IBERIKA                       Germany
  • UNIT                            Austria
  • EQuIP                          UK

The organisations are very diverse themselves working with young people in University settings, a range of language schools and organisations taking a lead in supporting and integrating young migrants and refugees.

As a result, EQuIP has developed materials on peer to peer learning that will be useful for our future Cultural Awareness training and enabled access to number of resources, not least the online learning application the SUPEER LAPP which is a really useful tool when delivering training, both face to face and online.

Despite the very real challenge of Covid and its impact on the project, we are proud to have developed a curriculum and training programme and online resources that are accessible and easily disseminated.

This is our last Erasmus+ EU funded programme and the UK is no longer participating in this multimillion pound investment in cross border learning and development of young people. It is hugely disappointing that we will no longer be able to take part in the next ERASMUS+ programme 2021-27.

EQuIP has made some lasting and enduring professional friendships over the last 5 years engaging with EU partners on projects including; TAT, the Talking About Taboos project, Healthy Diversity and SUPEER.  


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