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Covid Step 4 Roadmap Translated Videos

July 2021

EQuIP have worked together with Warwickshire County Council and the NHS to create informative videos about Step 4 Covid-19 guidance in multiple languages.  These include Urdu, Russian, Punjabi, Polish, Nepalese, Latvian, Hindi, Arabic and Gujarati.

These videos have been made to inform the communities in Warwickshire of the latest updates and how they can continue to be safe. They can be found by clicking the playlist below.

  Feel free to share these out with your communities to help keep everyone in Warwickshire informed and safe.

Our other Updates

Other Updates

EQuIP have been involved in a wide range of projects across Warwickshire. Take a look at some of our other campaigns, actions and events.

999 BSL is the new emergency VRS service for Deaf BSL users to contact the emergency services through a British SIgn Language (BSL) interpreter.

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