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case Studies

Case Studies

EQuIP provide support, advice and training across Warwickshire to help people understand and combat discrimination in all its forms, here are some stories.


Stories and Voices

At EQuIP our work covers a huge range of different services. We help support community groups, we provide organisations with diversity training, we encourage community engagement and volunteering, and we help people who’ve been victims of discrimination.

Here are some stories from people we’ve helped, people we’ve worked with, and people who’ve used our services.

Case studies

Airport Harassment

A client was referred to EQuIP by the CAB after experiencing racial harassment from an airport staff member when returning to the UK with his family. Through EQuIP’s intervention the matter was resolved out of court, and the client received a financial settlement for injury to feelings caused by the discrimination.

Case studies

Discrimination in Housing

A client contacted EQuIP as she was due to be evicted from temporary accommodation. She believed the neighbours were complaining about her because she is a traveller. EQuIP liaised with the landlord and a local housing support charity who were also supporting the client. Through EQuIP’s intervention the client was given a one month extension.

Case studies

The benefits of volunteering 

Volunteering with EQuIP can help you improve your skills whilst also giving something back to the community.

Case studies

Police Response

A client contacted EQuIP as she was a repeat victim of Hate Crime and was not happy with the response from the Warwickshire Police. EQuIP intervened and liaised with the Police. Warwickshire Police has now set up a hate crime unit and the client is now receiving a much better response from them, and is happy with the interaction with them.

Case studies

Discrimination against Travellers

A client contacted EQuIP when he and others were barred from entering a public house because they were Travellers. Through EQuIP’s intervention the case went to court and the client received a payment for damages in relation to injury to feelings.


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