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case Studies

Case Studies

EQuIP provide support, advice and training across Warwickshire to help people understand and combat discrimination in all its forms, here are some stories.


Stories and Voices

At EQuIP our work covers a huge range of different services. We help support community groups, we provide organisations with diversity training, we encourage community engagement and volunteering, and we help people who’ve been victims of discrimination.

Here are some stories from people we’ve helped, people we’ve worked with, and people who’ve used our services.

Case studies

Access to Disability Services

A client, the main carer for his disabled wife, was unable to care for her because he was unwell. He was struggling to get support from Adult Social Care and had been on the waiting list for an assessment for over 2 months and was really struggling. EQuIP contacted Social Services on his behalf to explain the urgency of the situation. Through EQuIP’s intervention, the client was offered an OT assessment and his wife is on the waiting list for a Social Worker.


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